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Cultural Auditing

What is Cultural Auditing?

A Cultural Audit is a study of the methods and behavior of an organization to find out if they are acceptable to its employees, stakeholders, and others.  A Cultural Audit can be an amazing opportunity to gain a greater degree of commitment and involvement from staff and stakeholders. 

What WE DO

Accessing our work

We provide a Cultural Auditing package to organizations who are moving toward progressive overhauls for their internal and external operations.  Whether this is a charge that has been sought internally, by the board, externally facing stakeholders, or your funder, we are able to accomodate most circumstances.

We evaluate organizational cultural performance by interviewing staff, externally facing stakeholders, and the board.  We then analyze our findings by using Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  We highly encourage engaging this audit in two parts: External Cultural Audit and Internal Cultural Audit. We encourage our clients to publicize the results of their External Audit, as it can be a meaningful exercise in transparency with externally facing stakeholders, but it is not a requirement. For a sample of our KPIs please see the work samples section of this page, accompanying these sample KPI’s is a document of common terms and definitions we use while engaged in this work with our clients.

Oftentimes, mid-audit, we find that the organizational values do not align with the progressive values that the organization wants to vest in its work and community. As a part of our Cultural Auditing package we can collaborate with your leadership team, and staff to write bespoke value statements.  We have included a sample of our Value Statements in the work samples section of this page.

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