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HUGO PÉREZ (he/him)

Born in 1981, in San Francisco, CA, Hugo Pérez received his BFA in Visual Communication with a concentration in Graphic Design from The Art Institute in 2010. He runs an apparel brand with a focus on fine art and a design company that focuses on brand development. He continues his studies at Art League Houston, is a member of the Visual Arts Alliance, 2015-present, and co-founded Qollective, a queer art collective comprised of seven artists. Pérez creates drawings and paintings from a blend of art historical references, current moments, and memory. He takes inspiration from the past to express the contemporary figure, the urban landscape, nature, and interior spaces. Pérez’s work investigates intimacy through the every day and a queer lens. Most recently, he was commissioned by lululemon to develop two public art projects. Pérez lives and works in Houston, TX.