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3 of Cups' headquarters, while currently referred to as Houston, TX, is located on the sacred and ancestral homeland of the Karankawa, Coahuitecan, Sana, and Atakapa nations with collaborators in what is now called Brooklyn, NY which is located on the sacred and ancestral homeland of the Carnarsie and Munsee Lenape nations. We recognize the ever-present systemic inequities, that stem directly from genocide during the colonization of the United States.  We additionally recognize the continued displacement and violence perpetrated against indigenous people and people of color in the United States. At 3 of Cups we commit ourselves indefinitely to respecting and reconciling this long history of injustice by advocating for the return of native nations lands into indigenous hands. We are aware that these kinds of acknowledgements can be misused as performative stand-ins for the actual work of decolonization, which is something we prioritize in our work and our ongoing commitments to accountability and justice.

If you do not know what native land you occupy, please travel to to find out!

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