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Manuel Gonzalez Rodriguez (he/him), was born and raised in Zacatecas, Mexico.  From a very early age, he showed great ability in sketching and painting.  He remembers mixing paint for his uncle, who was a muralist, when he was six years old which sparked his love for painting and color. He began taking art courses during his early years of school and eventually studied at The Ruben Herrera School for Plastic Arts In Saltillo Coahuila. He also attended architecture school at the Institute of Technology in Zacatecas.  After immigrating to the United States and taking time to settle, he renewed his passion for painting and continued his interest in the works of Pedro and Raphael Coronel.  Mr. Rodriguez considers the Coronel brothers and Manuel Felguerez to be his greatest inspiration.

Contributing work:

Images of fiber art

Connect with him HERE.

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