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Muizz Akhtar (they/them), is a writer and editor currently working as a journalist at Vox. Born, raised, and based in Houston, Texas, Muizz is an avid learner who has produced works of creative writing (including zines and science fiction), spoken word, blogs, academic essays, stand up comedy, and journalism. Professionally, they have traversed the realms of journalism, academia, strategic communications, nonprofit community organizations, and electoral campaigns. Through their writing, Muizz seeks to display their thoughts about the most pressing topics of the day upon a stage for others, so that the audience can not only view and resonate with the work but also be in conversation with it and themselves. Above all though, Muizz is civically engaged, an aspiring polyglot, and a punster extraordinaire.

Contributing works:

2 written works entitled Descen-don'ts - Or, how to be a Bad Descendant and The Day that Houston Stood Still. And 1 multi-media work entitled From Fan Fiction to Fan Diction.

Connect with them HERE.

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