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Taylor Jackson (they/them), I am a queer nonbinary artist based in Houston, Texas and I love communicating through personal illustrated portraits, 2D Animation, and Graphic Design. The mediums I choose to work with are; digital and traditional (pastel, pencil, colored pencil, and acrylic paint). I have been a digital artist for 5 years and a traditional artist for my entire life. I first came across digital art and all its awesome possibilities
when I was introduced to digital drawing tablets and GIMP software in highschool from a friend. My first drawing tablet was Sketchbook Pro on an old Android phone. It was very cramped. My mom saw that I wanted to pursue digital art very badly, and so she surprised me with my first drawing tablet in 2016; an Intuos Draw. The first program I used to create digital art was Sketchbook Pro. Since then I have been through ups and downs with my art, but I am proud to say that I never gave up and was able to watch myself and also my style grow and evolve!


Contributing work:

a digital artwork entitled Queerness is Divinity

Connect with them HERE.

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