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QFZ VOL. 0 - publishing winter 2022

Queer Futures Zine is a print and digital zine featuring images, writings, and other media from community contributors that is published on a semi-annual basis.  All content is focused on the living Queer identity.


This zine will also include information on resources and services aimed at assisting members of Houston’s Queer community.

Paneling Process:

QFZ Vol. 0 contributing artists were selected by a panel of five 3 of Cups Collaborators. In the future we would like to outsource the paneling process to third-party panelists, but we were not able to facilitate this due to financial limitations.


Payment + Contract:

QFZ Vol. 0 Contributing artists were not commissioned to make new work but were paid $125 for existing works. All collaborators were paid on or before 8/16/2022, and signed a letter of agreement detailing the permissions they were giving us and not giving us. A draft of which can be found, here

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