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Josh Urban Davis (he/they)  is an american research-based artist and engineer from Texas whose practice incorporates sculpture, performance, writing, sound, and video. His research interests span a wide spectrum of topics in human-computer interaction (HCI), with a specific emphasis on generative design, novel creativity support tools, and inclusive technologies. Davis' recent creative projects explore the relationship between emerging technologies, social relationships, and identity. His work has been exhibited at D!iverseWorks, the Blaffer Art Museum, Chandler Center for the Arts, Art League Houston, and others. A recipient of the AI-IMPACT art award, a creative fellowship from arsTECH, Davis currently lives between Houston, TX and Oakland, CA with his cat, Nocturne, where he is pursuing a PhD in computer sciences at Dartmouth.

Contributing works:

still and moving digital works to be determined

Connect with them HERE.

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